Open consultation: A network of Global Open Libraries, GOL

gard TContributed by:  Gard Titlestad, Secretary General of ICDE

At the 2nd OER World Congress on 19 September,  the idea of a network, Global Open Libraries, GOL, was presented, both at a well visited special event and at the plenary session later on the day in addition to a satellite event discussing OER in non-English languages.

Now we present the draft feasibility report for GOL for open consultation. Link here: GOL feasibility draft report ver 0-96 to be consulted by 11 October

The presentation in the special session is here and the plenary here.

Your comments can either be added directly to this blog post, or emailed to by Wednesday 11 October 2017. Then the report will be finalised and the partners will decide if an initiative for GOL will be taken, and if so – the next steps.

The report asks, is this feasible:

“Based on existing quality OER repositories, educational needs, teachers and learners demands, a possible initiative intends to spark the uptake of OER and Open education in Higher Education and Upper Secondary Education, and provide the basis for a future networked global cooperation between quality OER repositories. The main outcome of a possible initiative will be a dynamic global network of OER repositories, well connected to key stakeholders and the user community.”

The report suggests yes, it is feasible and anticipate such an initiative will be important to overcome hindrances as

  • Lack of awareness of OER
  • Difficulties in finding and get access to OER
  • Confusion on quality of OER
  • Availability of suitable OER
  • Time taken to locate and adapt OER

Furthermore, the report suggests specific activities and actions by GOL could  by collaboration significant increase impact from OER:

  • Visibility and access to resources that are relevant for the users and are of the expected level of quality
  • Usability of the resources for teachers and students
  • Facilitating sharing across repositories, borders and regions, and find solutions for contextual, linguistic and cultural adaptations
  • Improving effectiveness of the repositories themselves
  • Monitoring uptake and use of resources
  • Business models for repositories
  • Innovation, linkages and interaction with EdTech companies

Now you have the opportunity to comment on this report before it become final, and further steps will be considered.

And if you are a repository holder or similar, let us know if you would like to be connected to such an initiative.

gt sig

Gard Titlestad

ICDE Secretary General


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